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Uncommon Yarrow: Skin, Body, Spirit

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

the multiple colors of yarrow, a thousand leaves

wild yarrow flowers

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

"Yarrow is an ancient herb revered for its spiritual, physical, and magical healing properties. It is an herb of Venus and named for the great hero Achilles (achillea) and a thousand leaves (millefolium). Yarrow lives up to these legendary associations with its incredible scope of medicinal benefits. Magically, yarrow is used for courage, healing, and love."


harvested yarrow, fresh flowers and leaves ready for distillation

In my massage and skincare treatments I incorporate plants and plant based products. During a massage session, that can mean the deep tissue/muscular elements of a treatment in combination with a flower essence along the spine to provide the more subtle and energetic elements of healing. It can also be a drop or two of an essential oil mixed with the organic massage oil to provide aromatherapy benefits. It can be comfrey infused organic olive oil. Plants work energetically and medicinally and are an integral part of my practice.

In facial treatments plants are present everywhere. Botanical elements are in all the details - from the scent of the hot towels to each and every product chosen (cleanser, healing balms, hydrosols, clays, herbs, serums). Everything is sourced with care, each product line is thoughtfully chosen, and every element is deliberately considered. Each plant chosen for your facial is specifically designed for you on that day. My backbar apothecary allows me to craft each and every treatment i