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I am so grateful to have met Rebecca! I will never forget the first time we did a skin consultation. My skin/emotional state was so exhausted and fried.  I remember looking at my skin and hating the reflection. I was using topical steroids and basically burning the skin barrier without knowing it. Over the last few years Rebecca has made me feel so confident and proud of my skin. She has taught me the importance of being gentle with yourself and creating a skincare routine that helps bring the skin barrier back into balance. Not only did my confidence sky rocket, she has also made me much more aware of what exactly I am putting on my skin and why. I can't recommend her enough! Any time my friends ask me anything about skincare she is the first person who I point them to. Thank you Rebecca for always going above and beyond! It does not go unnoticed. You are one of a kind!

Andi E.


I have been seeing Rebecca for skincare and bodywork for years. It is rare to find a practitioner who is highly skilled in both the technical and intuitive aspects of their craft, and Rebecca offers this in spades. Her presence is calm, nurturing and joyful, and the passion she has for her work shines. I leave Rebecca's treatment room feeling bright, calm and radiant in skin and spirit, every time. There is nothing like finding a practitioner who really focuses on you! As someone who tends towards anxiety, I love getting holistic facials from Rebecca. Not only has it helped my skin to look and feel luminous, but she always incorporates plenty of therapeutic massage. Holistic facials are incredibly restorative to overwrought nervous systems. I can't recommend her skills enough! 


Jessica S.


Where to begin?! Rebecca's attention to detail, her aesthetic, the focus on small batch hand made skin care, the studio itself - really couldn't be better! The sense of calm & beauty, as well as her knowledge about the products she uses & all the properties of the ingredients is impressive. The sense of deep relaxation is immense. While I'd love to keep this treasure more or less to myself, selfishly and for ease of appointment scheduling, it wouldn't be fair! Rebecca's talents are too good not to share! Extensive care, meticulous attention to detail, and the most beautiful small batch plant based products have combined to make this business my Go=To for facials, skin care, and massage.



There is so much love in everything Rebecca does, in every detail. It's just incredible how much love is put into each session. I can feel it. And I can feel it at home each time I spray the hydrosol and put the oilserum on my skin. I feel like the ritual of seeing Rebecca each month, and through the daily home ritual she's helped me create, I am loving myself and my skin. I am transported to another place during the facial and feel beautiful and brought back to myself each time.

Jen L.

Rebecca has been giving me great massages for almost 10 years! I would not go to anyone else! She takes the time to listen to my body issues, if any, and then easily adjusts her massage to fit my needs. Rebecca has added on some wonderful therapeutic facial treatments over the years, which include hot towels and soothing lymphatic drainage and facial cupping and Gua Sha...It's all so relaxing and I look years younger at the end of my massage! I can't say enough about Rebecca as a person and as a professional.


Linda F.



Rebecca is the best! Her massages and facials are given with expertise on how our bodies work, but she also has the ability to sense how touch affects the soul. Her positive and calming demeanor are a bonus!  


Donna M.



Rebecca Biederman is my massage therapist because of her compassion. Her expertise runs as deep as the sea and her knowledge of natural and holistic therapy is inspirational! I say this as a very loyal client who will return again and again for massage with Rebecca. She has transformed my way of thinking about what I put into and onto my body! Not only are the massages life-sustaining and moving, but Rebecca's workspace is lovely. It is always warm and inviting with beautiful artwork on the walls and lovely music playing in the background. It is a place that I feel at ease with my soul. I will always come back to get massages from Rebecca. And to top it all off, she is a great conversationalist and a lovely soul. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist!


Rachael W.



Rebecca is simply fantastic. I've experienced her expertise in massage, facials and craniosacral therapy. There are times when I am not at my healthiest in both body and mind. It is during these times when I trust Rebecca wholeheartedly to be non-judgemental and her treatments provide me the reset, recharge and restore that I need. She is a healer and coach. She cares about every aspect of what she does, who you are as a person and she really listens. Her massage therapy is thorough, complex, but delivered in a simplistic way that makes you feel involved and encourages you to take ownership of your body's needs. I love the craniosacral treatment I've received from her, I actually fell asleep! Her facials help me feel like I've eliminated the stressors and poisons of life and the feeling lasts for days. Rebecca is absolutely incredible!


Matthew C.



I've had the great pleasure of receiving massages from Rebecca for about five years and I can't say enough good things about those healing hands of hers! She knew me when I was in the best shape of my life and then, sadly, after a surgery left my spine twisted. My body may have been altered, but Rebecca's intention remained the same - to bring me back to a place of balance and wellness. At the end of every visit I'm left with a feeling of perfect peace. She is a gifted healer with a beautiful heart, and I'm grateful for her presence in my life.


Chris D.



Rebecca is a truly beautiful healer. The moment you walk into her space and are in her presence, you feel a wave of peace come over you. I've been getting treatments from Rebecca for over 3 years now. My favorite is a massage and facial combo. She has an innate sense of what your body needs. She listens well and is compassionate with her approach. She is incredibly knowledgeable in skincare and carefully selects all of her products, which are all beautiful and natural and leave my skin feeling nourished. I always float out of there on a cloud. Rebecca, you are a gift and I thank you for your continued healing support.


Ash P.



I have received a few facials from Rebecca and every time I leave feeling refreshed and my face is glowing and I smell incredible. I usually see her when the season changes and my skin needs a little support. I love her treatments because they feel nourishing and caring. Rebecca is devoted to making you feel good in your skin and we could all benefit from a little self care from time to time.


Elsa O.


I have had massages with Rebecca and recommend her wholeheartedly. She's wonderfully intuitive and adjusted to my body's feedback throughout. In particular, I could feel the care and intention in her movements. She combined a variety of techniques and sensory elements to create a grounding and relaxing experience, and I look forward to returning again very soon.

Kristyn J.


Rebecca puts so much love and care into what she does. She's incredibly thoughtful about the products she chooses and the various kinds of treatment options to truly customize the experience. Dreamiest head massage ever!! She clearly loves what she does and is really passionate about plant medicine so I always learn something too. I highly recommend it!!!

Heather W.


I love getting to see Rebecca for skin and bodywork. She takes the time to listen to concerns and develop the perfect session for you. The last facial I got from her was so amazing. She incorporates therapeutic techniques and personalized skin products. I seriously never wanted to leave, and my skin felt so rejuvenated. She focuses on the whole body, knowing that skin is so connected to our nervous system and the stressful lives we lead. Her lovely space is like a little sanctuary. One of my favorite parts are the hand-made hydrosol sprays and all the beautiful oils and serums she uses. They felt so healing. I can't wait to go back.

Katya P.


Thank you Rebecca! That time with you was magic and I'm so excited about the products I took home. I'm definitely making seeing you a priority. My skin is already happier and I have received a couple compliments that I am glowing.

Jess R.

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