I am proud to carry brands founded, created, and run by women. These brands are thorough in their search for quality, sourcing, processing, and creating. The skincare lines I carry are mostly organic, often wild sourced, biodynamic, hand-crafted, hand-bottled, sustainable, and vibrantly alive.


They use plants, nuts, flowers, seeds, spices and oils to lovingly make their deeply nourishing and healing skincare products. These small companies build and maintain relationships with farmers in the US and other countries to create and source their lines with integrity, care, and the highest quality ingredients.


As a practitioner, I try to be as thorough and thoughtful as possible in the products that I bring into the treatment room - every detail is considered. Below is a list of the lines that I carry and use in both my massage and skincare therapies. These lines are small batch, sometimes seasonally influenced, impeccably sourced, and consciously crafted.



science-based skin remedies

Botnia's mission is to offer you plant-based skin remedies that truly work. Botnia grew from Justine Khan's belief that skincare should soothe, nourish, and heal the skin, not strip it or treat it aggressively. Botnia cares deeply about sourcing and growing locally, and is committed to growing as many botanicals as possible for these raw ingredients in their backyard micro-farm.

"We love your skin. It’s a simple statement, and it cuts to the core of how we formulate our products for you. Every ingredient that we use is carefully chosen to illuminate your natural beauty. By harnessing the nourishing power of plants, our products repair and soothe, nurturing the long-term health of your body’s largest organ. We believe that effective, healthy skincare should be accessible to everyone."


heart centered skin care

nutrient-dense plant medicine for incandescent skin


Nature is Enough


HEART OF GOLD is founded and created by Ally Draizin in Portland, Oregon. Ally is an herbalist, esthetician, massage therapist, intuitive and teacher. It is based both in her deep intuition and knowledge of herbal plant science.


"I believe self care is an act of love, a benediction. My work comes from the heart, an expression of unconditional love. I'm drawn to gold, to everything yellow: sea buckthorn, calendula, turmeric, sunshine, and actual gold. Especially kintsugi, where broken china is repaired with gold to transform a perceived flaw into an example of the beauty of experience. That's so perfect...

My goal isn't to make you beautiful, you are already beautiful. My goal is to bring more love, compassion, and gentleness to your life. My goal isn't to heal your skin, your skin will heal itself. My goal is to connect your skin 

with it's own infinite healing ability."


Founded by Bee Simonds, "H IS FOR LOVE was created to fill a need for highly effective skincare grounded in plant wisdom. Operating from a belief in the body's innate ability to balance when given the proper tools, Bee Simonds has created a minimalist luxury skincare line that brings every skin type to a place of harmony.

Stirred to contribute something redeeming to the world of beauty upon finding [herself] in an industry which tends to promote denial, an age rife with false promises and toxicity...[she] chose to focus on something that could promote purity; a clean option which would work with a person's chemistry rather than covering it up or stripping it down."


Reiki-infused holistic skin care

Within is you, the pure essence of what beauty truly is, for you are and always have been beauty. 

Christy Whitney-Matz is the founder and potion maker at pAra. She describes her skin medicine as intertwining human spirit, plant spirit and the divine: "Our potions are created through intuitive sensing, visioning and listening with the help of ancestral guides and the backing of scientific research. Our plants are grown organically or are wildcrafted and come from small farmers who grow lovingly from the very beginning seed to harvest...we hand batch all of our potions in a small studio space overlooking a green cliff, listening to the sweet sounds of bird song, flutes and chimes, while intermingling with smokes and essences and infusing healing intention into each batch." Countless hours of research go into each product and Christy takes care to keep the products both true to our bodies and true to our earth. You can feel the love, magic, and deep plant medicine each time you anoint your beautiful skin.

Ocotillo Botanica

Plants Are Magic

Alexis Smith, the founder, creator, owner and herbalist at Ocotillo Botanica, hand crafts her balms, essences, and tinctures in small batches using mostly locally grown or wildcrafted plants and herbs.


"Our process is simple. Most of our preparations are born out of a need for something, like a salve for cracked skin...Every preparation is something we would, and do use, frequently. Herbalism is a slow practice, and we take that to its core...We strive to create products that are not only ethical, but ethereal, small batch + hand crafted...we love our community, and we love plants.

When you buy from Ocotillo Botanica, you can know that each salve and tincture was lovingly hand-made in our home studio in Marfa, Texas...A good portion of the plants we use are grown in our home garden, or harvested locally from susutainable locations such as local ranchlands."



the skin breathes

"Our line of holistic and organic skin care products is inspired by the wisdom of nature, formulated to support the rhythms of the body, and created to transform the modern perception of beauty.

Truth heals:  Authentically organic plant material is nutrient-dense, therapeutic and free from industrial toxins. Purchasing from small organic farms protects against mono-cropping and the industrialization of agriculture. The biodiversity created by small farms heals the soil and our bodies."

Starwest Botanicals

I also source essential oils, herbs and massage oils from this organic and sustainable company.