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I am proud to carry brands founded, created, and run by women. These brands are thorough in their search for quality, sourcing, processing, and creating. The skincare lines I carry are mostly organic, often wild sourced, biodynamic, hand-crafted, hand-bottled, sustainable, and vibrantly alive.


They use plants, nuts, flowers, seeds, spices and oils to lovingly make their deeply nourishing and healing skincare products. These small companies build and maintain relationships with farmers in the US and other countries to create and source their lines with integrity, care, and the highest quality ingredients.


As a practitioner, I try to be as thorough and thoughtful as possible in the products that I bring into the treatment room - every detail is considered. Below is a list of the lines that I carry and use in both my massage and skincare therapies. These lines are small batch, sometimes seasonally influenced, impeccably sourced, and consciously crafted.



science-based skin remedies

Botnia's mission is to offer you plant-based skin remedies that truly work. Botnia grew from Justine Khan's belief that skincare should soothe, nourish, and heal the skin, not strip it or treat it aggressively. Botnia cares deeply about sourcing and growing locally, and is committed to growing as many botanicals as possible for these raw ingredients in their backyard micro-farm.

"We love your skin. It’s a simple statement, and it cuts to the core of how we formulate our products for you. Every ingredient that we use is carefully chosen to illuminate your natural beauty. By harnessing the nourishing power of plants, our products repair and soothe, nurturing the long-term health of your body’s largest organ. We believe that effective, healthy skincare should be accessible to everyone."


Wholistic Luxury Skincare

Formulated with sun-infused whole plant extracts, unrefined seed + fruit oils and pure minerals. Small-batch composed and hand-blended in sync with the moon cycle,  following biodynamic principles, natural processes and reverence for ancestral wisdom. Wholistic in creation and purpose, harnessing the true luxuries of this world – the pristine gifts of Nature.

Christo and Johanna "wanted to create a sustainable luxury skincare line, aligned with [their] wholistic ethos and love for artisanal refinement + natural beauty. Elemental body and soul food for true inside-and-out beauty, composed with naturally active ingredients, imbued with love. Whole compositions that honour the skin as our largest organ, nurture our body, and harmonise the spiritual beings we are. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Deeply complex, naturally active, synergistic compositions, formulated with sun-infused whole plant extracts, minimum intervention plant oils and pure minerals. Composed to align our body’s 5 sensory system, support, balance and strengthen healthy skin function, energise life force, and harmonise the whole human being – body, soul, spirit. Hand-blended in small batches with the lunar cycle, to harness celestial energy and sync our processes with the natural ebb and flow of Nature.

Ingredients are organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted, sustainably grown, harvested and processed with love and respect for Earth by ourselves and people who share our ethos."



Nature is Enough

Founded by Bee, "H IS FOR LOVE was created to fill a need for highly effective skincare grounded in plant wisdom. Operating from a belief in the body's innate ability to balance when given the proper tools, Bee has created a minimalist luxury skincare line that brings every skin type to a place of harmony.

Stirred to contribute something redeeming to the world of beauty upon finding [herself] in an industry which tends to promote denial, an age rife with false promises and toxicity...[she] chose to focus on something that could promote purity; a clean option which would work with a person's chemistry rather than covering it up or stripping it down."


Reiki-infused holistic skin care

Within is you, the pure essence of what beauty truly is, for you are and always have been beauty. 

Christy Whitney-Matz is the founder and potion maker at pAra. She describes her skin medicine as intertwining human spirit, plant spirit and the divine: "Our potions are created through intuitive sensing, visioning and listening with the help of ancestral guides and the backing of scientific research. Our plants are grown organically or are wildcrafted and come from small farmers who grow lovingly from the very beginning seed to harvest...we hand batch all of our potions in a small studio space overlooking a green cliff, listening to the sweet sounds of bird song, flutes and chimes, while intermingling with smokes and essences and infusing healing intention into each batch."


Countless hours of research go into each product and Christy takes care to keep the products both true to our bodies and true to our earth. You can feel the love, magic, and deep plant medicine each time you anoint your beautiful skin.

IMG_4594 (1).JPG

Skin Fancy
Intentional Skincare/Locally Sourced Botanicals

Tabitha Rose Ouellette created her skincare line out of a love of gardening, a need for pure and natural high-quality products for her own sensitive and inflammatory skin. She had a deep desire to find a way to create them with botanicals grown herself or sourced as close to home as possible.

Tabitha says that "The idea of traditional folk medicine being crafted from plants that surrounded a person has always resonated with me. Most of the ingredients used in formulation are sourced from within the Cascadia bioregion, and not a single ingredient is imported. Growing many of the botanicals for this line on our small farm in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, and sourcing fresh and high-quality ingredients from other farms and gardens helps to support local businesses and build community connection. Interacting with people and plants in a nurturing way feels so special, and I am forever grateful to be doing this work and forever learning."


Wild Grace
Earth-Centered Beauty Medicine

Katie Grace is the herbalist and formulator behind Wild Grace. She writes, "Wild Grace products are specifically formulated to be safe, effective, aromatically therapeutic, and made with whole plants, not standardized extracts or naturally-derived ingredients. Our products and ingredients ARE nature. Pure and simple. And our products are a huge step above “organic.”

Along the same lines, we source our ingredients as close to home as possible and as freshly grown, pressed, and distilled as possible. For the plants we work with, they're picked seasonally and in their peak, which means sometimes we don't have an ingredient for awhile because nature is nature and plants don't grow at their best on demand. This is another element that goes into what we call “Slow Beauty".

We also purchase whole herbs from the farms we work with and do the processing in-house before weaving them into our skin-loving blends. That means we do the milling and powdering so the herbs are as fresh and intact as possible when they go into our formulas.

APT Herbals
small batch herbal goods hand-crafted in portland, or.

According to Samantha, the founder and creator of APT, "if I can offer strength and comfort in any way through the plants that I love, then I am successful.

My offerings come in small batches, mindfully made, sourced as local as possible, in order to deliver the best of my ability. Earth's medicine is truly everyone's medicine, and everyone's opportunity to heal in myriad ways. Whether it be small or bigger picture, my goal is to offer gentle yet effective internal and external remedies to ease afflictions and connect yourself back to how beautiful healing and mending can be. I'm also a strong believer in the energetics and folklore around plant allies and how they can be of use in our emotional worlds - which all have been and will continue to be jostled by the times we are in. Having APT Herbals makes me feel empowered, inspired, and able to have a good amount of fun. I hope to create a space for gentle healing + learning about the Earth's offerings in safe, sustainable, and informed ways."

Starwest Botanicals, Eden Botanicals, and Morning Myst

I also source essential oils, herbs and massage oils from these organic and sustainable companies.

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