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NeoLifting© offers a non-invasive approach to minimize the signs of aging and ethically restore your facial features, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce facial puffiness, improve skin texture, calm the mind and alleviate tension to create that sculpted youthful look and radiant glow, while you enjoy a well-deserved nervous system decompression.


NeoLifting© has many benefits. It is a highly specialized treatment that stimulates the lymph, massages the facial muscles both externally and inside the mouth using buccal massage. This treatment calms the nervous system, increases blood, oxygen supply and collagen production. It releases muscle tension that may lead to deep wrinkles or expression lines. Sculptural Facial Massage and Buccal Massage integrated with Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a Non-Invasive Facelift, propelling the internal resources of the body for natural rejuvenation and recovery and improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It increases subcutaneous adipose tissue microcirculation and normalizes cellular respiration which helps fat to be sculpted and evenly distributed on the face. This massage activates metabolism and tissue nourishment and improves skin tone.

NeoLifting© allows you to get the effect of lifting, depuffing, and softening fine lines in a nourished and relaxed state. It actually calms the nervous system. It does not damage the skin and facial tissues but increases circulation and supports the skin barrier. There are no side effects. This treatment is all about the radiant you. It is about enhancing your own beautiful natural features, not altering them. It works by using manual therapy, deeply relaxing and toning the facial muscles. The skin is smoothed, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles softened, all while giving you full control over your facial expressions and the freedom to be yourself.


NeoLifting© is a particular technique that provides an effective alternative to plastic surgeries, injectables and fillers to delay signs of aging. NeoLifting© offers comparable results without downtime, risks, or side effects. This technique can also be recommended to improve pre and post-op recovery from cosmetic surgery. When done regularly and over time can help slow bone loss in the face.


​NeoLifting© has the benefit of addressing (and sometimes even eliminating) psycho-emotional blocks and helps to cope with stress. It can help to release stored emotions. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated that emotions are evoked by interoceptive and proprioceptive feedback from the body and our conscious feelings result from our perception of this somatic input. In other words, scientists have shown that when you change your facial expressions your mood changes. During this treatment, stagnations are eliminated, muscles are toned, the nervous system is relaxed and the body is rested leaving you glowing. By releasing patterns in the tissues over time it can even create room for more self-acceptance.


NeoLifting© triggers the metabolic process and improves oxygenation and blood circulation nourishing tissues and helping the facial skin to become more supple. It has a light osteopathic effect by impacting the points of muscle attachments to the bone and bone sutures in certain parts of the skull.


For the best results NeoLifting© is recommended in a series. By working with the fascia each week, it allows patterns in the tissues to be released and reorganized. Each treatment is 90 minutes with the initial appointment being 2 hours including intake. A single session of NeoLifting© is $350. Signing up for a series of six sessions is $1800 and a savings of $300. The following series is recommended:

  • To start: 6 sessions at 1 session per week

  • Second step: 4 sessions at 1 session every two weeks

  • Maintain results: 1 session per month

This treatment service is not recommended for everyone. There are contraindications that prohibit some people from receiving NeoLifting©:

  • Pregnancy in Trimester 1 and 3

  • Acute Inflammatory Skin Conditions including Acne and Roscea (in their mild and less acute states this treatment can be done with extra care and attention and using a lighter touch).

  • If receiving Botox injections, this treatment cannot be done until 5 weeks post injection.

  • Fillers (such as Radiesse and Sculptura) are completely contraindicated and this is not a good treatment for those with fillers. I would recommend another facial option. Any deep facial massage should be avoided with fillers.

  • Mesothreads and Threadlifting, clients should wait at least 3 months after procedure.

  • Ongoing cancer treatment or cancer in remission please ask your Oncologist to clear you for this treatment.

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