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Massage is a wonderful way to help with stress management, body pain, and muscle tension. It addresses multiple needs throughout the body and allows the nervous system to sink into deep relaxation. Your massage session is sacred time. Everyone heals at their own pace and in their own time - healing is not necessarily (and very rarely follows) a linear path. Each massage is uniquely suited to meet your needs.


I believe that massage can change the world. When we are touched with care and intention, and allowed the space to feel better in our bodies, we are better able to engage wholly in the world around us. Managing the dis-ease that comes with chronic stress is vitally important for health and healing.

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Integrated Bodywork
body cupping

I integrate different techniques for a complete therapeutic experience. Each treatment is tailored to your body. Different essential oils, flower essences, and plant-based products are often incorporated into bodywork treatments depending on what is beneficial for each client. I do not believe that there is one size fits all approach to bodywork and so when you come in I will discuss your particular needs on that day. Massage and/or massage combined with facial treatments will address those needs through a comprehensive, integrative, and therapeutic bodywork session.

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Cupping Therapy is an ancient technique with widespread use throughout Asia as folk medicine as well as part of formal Chinese medicine training. Cupping is a bodywork technique that uses cups with a means of suction to draw out and resolve congestion of fluid and metabolic toxins. The cups use a negative pressure to pull up on the tissues which can help relieve pain, restrictions, and stagnation. I use cupping to address muscular tension and fascial restriction.


Important note about cupping: Sha is a Chinese term that translates to "sand" or "gravel", referring to the granulation of tissues that occurs in areas of myofascial tension and pain. Sha is the collection of metabolic toxins and fluids. Cupping draws these toxins to the surface which temporarily fill up the superficial blood vessels, which allows fresh blood to circulate often bringing immediate pain relief. Sha is not a bruise, or contusion, but a discoloration. It is important to note that the discoloration from Sha during cupping can last a few hours or a few days. This is only true for body cupping. Any cupping done on the face will not leave sha marks.

cupping treatments

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