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Uncommon Yarrow Bodywork & Skincare: Interview and Words by Aly Morgan


Walking into Rebecca Biederman’s treatment room is like walking into an alternate universe. In an instant, you are bathed in warm light while soothing sounds and delightful smells awaken every sense. Suddenly, the outside world is gone and before you know it, your shoulders are a little more relaxed and you take a deep breath – perhaps even the first real deep breath you’ve taken all day.

Uncommon Yarrow isn’t just a place to get a massage or facial, it’s so much more than that. And Rebecca, the amazing woman behind this magical spot just down the street from our shop, is more than a massage therapist and esthetician.
She is passionate about creating an experience for each and every client she works with; it’s apparent in the cozy blankets on the massage table, the hot towel with a bit of Lavender oil she offers, and the beautiful collection of jars filled with handmade potions inside. “I just want people to feel like their needs are addressed and that they feel loved” she says.

It’s inspiring to hear Rebecca talk about her work. She sees it as a form of self-care - the ultimate way to connect with and to nurture your body and soul. She focuses on helping people slow down enough to hear what their bodies are telling them. “Self-care is a way of communicating with yourself” she says, adding “our bodies and our skin are always trying to tell us something”.

And what does the woman who spends her day caring for other people’s bodies and skin do to take care of herself?

She practices what preaches; she is a huge proponent of the work she does and regularly seeks it out from other professionals. She also surrounds herself with the things she loves most, to stay as relaxed as possible. Her space is warm and painted the loveliest shade of green, filled with lush plants, beautiful textiles and handmade objects.

When it comes to the products she works with and offers her clients, her standards are high. She utilizes products that use real ingredients of the highest quality. She is intentional about the brands she supports, thinking not only about how they work but who they help support in the process. Her shelves are lined with beautifully packaged products, all handmade by woman owned businesses.

You can see her passion in the way she talks about her work and feel it in the way her hands touch your skin. It’s as if the stress instantly melts under her fingertips. Her greatest desire is to have each client leave her office feeling like they were well loved and cared for, and it only takes a few moments with Rebecca to see that this is not only her passion but also her purpose. She reminds us to slow down and to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us.


If being better about taking care of your body and skin is on your to-list, do yourself a favor and book an appointment (or two) with Rebecca.


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