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Revitalize dry, dehydrated skin with Ceres Replenishing Tonic. Named for the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, Ceres nurtures your skin with whole plant extracts and lovingly distilled hydrosols.


High in antioxidants, minerals, moistening compounds, and skin-mending plants, this tonic will leave your skin deeply hydrated and nourished. The grounding and balancing aroma of Ceres makes it a lovely tonic for late Summer and Autumn as the weather cools and Vata (light, airy) energy grows, or for anyone whose skin tends toward dry, flaking, or cracking.


Formulated For:
Dry, Devitalized Skin
Mature Skin
Combination Skin
Dehydrated Skin
Skin Damage


Size 100ml

WILDGRACE Ceres Replenishing Tonic

  • Ingredients

    Tulsi Hydrosol*, Rose Hydrosol*, Calendula Hydrosol*, Helichrysum Hydrosol*, Glycerin & Water & Sodium Levulinate & Sodium Anisate, Glycerin*, Whole Plant Extracts of Licorice Root*, Hawthorn*, Gotu Kola*, Hibiscus*, Marshmallow Root*, Essential Oils of Bergamot*, Frankincense*, Palmarosa*, Motherwort Flower Essence.

    What are Glycerin & Water & Sodium Levulinate & Sodium Anisate?

    These four ingredients form a natural preservative approved by ECOCERT and COSMOS for use in non-GMO, organic products.

    *Certified Organic

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