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This Lavender Hydrosol is made with organic Lavendula angustifolia on a farm in Northern Washington.


Lavender is protective of cells. It calms irritation and combats inflammation. It soothes redness and sensitivity. Energetically, it can help with anxiety and our monkey minds. It can assist with healing sun-damage and cool summer skin. It can be a very harmonizing and protective hydrosol in winter months. Like all high-quality hydrosols, it balances the pH of the skin beautifully and can supplement or replace your toner in the second step of your skincare routine.


Lavender has an affinity with human skin. They are very much in harmony. When people think of themselves as being sensitive to lavender it is often because lavender fragrance is found in many things – fragrance is often made of synthetic compounds and/or isolates which is not in harmony with human skin or the human body. This fresh distilled lavender hydrosol is lavender in its whole, pure form with all the co-factors present in the matrix of that plant.


This hydrosol is distilled in Copper Alembic Stills which remove the yeast and sulphur that can make hydrosols smell badly. Copper is known for its antimicrobial properties and may have some preservative effect on the hydrosols. Hydrosols distilled in copper have a sweeter aroma and are useable immediately.


Size: 2oz and 4oz

UNCOMMON YARROW Lavender Hydrosol

  • The products I source for Uncommon Yarrow are made with an incredible amount of care and dedication. They are not made on a large scale, but handmade in tiny batches with intentional, fresh, carefully sourced (and costly) ingredients. Unfortunately that means I am unable to accept returns or exchanges on any products

    If you have an issue with your order (e.g. something is damaged, broke during shipping, something looks like it may have gone bad) email me a photo and I'll do my best to make it right. I am unable to offer refunds due to product reactions. If you have any questions or concerns please email me ahead of time.

    Thank you for your support and understanding.

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