Organic calendula hydrosol is a soothing, mildly sweet and floral mist. It is fresh distilled on a farm in Northern Washington. This hydrosol is a perfect skin toner and may be used alone or included in any body care formulation in place of water. Calendula has immense rejuvenating properties and helps with inflammation, redness, and skin congestion. It is a bright and sunny herb that uplifts, lightens the mood, and balances.


Use organic calendula hydrosol directly on your skin after a shower, or store a bottle in your refrigerator for a cooling spritz after a day spent outside. Is wonderful for layering with Oil Serums to hydrate skin and strengthen the acid mantle.


This hydrosol is distilled in Copper Alembic Stills which remove the yeast and sulphur that can make hydrosols smell badly. Copper is known for its antimicrobial properties and may have some preservative effect on the hydrosols. Hydrosols distilled in copper have a sweeter aroma and are useable immediately.


Size available: 4oz


UNCOMMON YARROW Calendula Hydrosol

  • Ingredients

    Distilled from Certified Organic Calendula officinalis