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Calming Spell is a multifaceted exploration into the radically soothing power of plants and oils. This potent, concentrated serum is formulated with oils and herbs to specifically target acne, inflammation and irritation on the skin. Because each and every ingredient has a place and purpose in this formula, it seems only fitting to highlight them all.


Strawberry Seed Oil: this dry, non comedogenic and quickly absorbing oil is ultra nourishing for the skin's barrier. High in antioxidants, ellagic acid, phytosterols, and vitamins A, B, C,+ E, this cold pressed carrier oil helps to protect skin from free radical damage, brighten dark spots, stimulate collagen production, aid in skin cell turnover and soothe irritation while reducing acne, scarring and inflammation. 


Jojoba Oil: with its long history of use in folklore to treat various ailments such as skin and scalp disorders and superficial wounds, Jojoba oil has long been a revered product for its healing properties. Modern day studies on Jojoba oil highlight a wide range of pharmacological applications, including antioxidant, anti-acne and anti-psoriasis, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antipyretic, analgesic and antimicrobial uses. This balancing oil is non comedogenic, and absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue. 


Pumpkin Seed Oil: this beautiful, antimicrobial cold pressed carrier oil is a rich source of zinc and vitamin A, carotenoids, phytosterols and tocoperols. The zinc in pumpkin seeds acts as an antioxidant, which is attributed to its ability to neutralize free radical generation. Studies have shown that folks who suffer from acne often times show lower levels of zinc than those who do not, and topical applications of this trace mineral can be an effective and helpful treatment for acne and scarring. 


Lavender Essential Oil: distilled in house with lavender flowers grown in the Skin Fancy garden, this soothing essential oil shines when working to combat inflammation, skin irritations like psoriasis and eczema, and acne. While her aromatherapeutic and anxiolytic effects alone can calm the most frazzled of senses, this Queen of essential oils also contains anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, and antioxidant properties. Used at a very small and safe dilution rate of just 2%, even sensitive skinned folks can benefit from this intentionally distilled tranquil oil. 


Thyme Essential Oil: this thymol rich antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial essential oil is also distilled in house with Lemon Thyme grown in the Skin Fancy Garden. Recent studies have shown that  thymol contains properties that are excellent for treating acne. In fact, within one study, a tincture of thyme had a greater antibacterial effect than standard concentrations of benzoyl peroxide. Which is all to say, bacterial acne can benefit greatly from the addition of a small but concentrated amount of this potent essential oil, also added at just 2% for sensitive skinned folks. 


Oregon Grape Root: This ultra healing plant grows wild all over the hillsides surrounding the Skin Fancy garden and workshop. Harvested in the late Fall, this is the root that inspired Calming Spell. Oregon grape root has synergistic antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties, which make this extract useful in the treatment of acne, proriasis and eczema, both internally and topically. Berberine, an active compound in Oregon grape, demonstrates strong antimicrobial activity as well. 


White Willow Bark: harvested from a farm just down the road from the Skin Fancy workshop, white willow bark extract contains flavonoids, tannins and salicylates. White willow bark has traditionally been used for its wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing effects. It has been found to increase stratum corneum turnover and decrease excess oil production. The extract is rich in antioxidant properties and is effective against bacteria, making it a soothing treatment for inflamed and irritated skin. 


Rosemary: This common and powerful garden matriarch has a long history of use in folk medicine, and is used widely still for her beneficial role in the treatment of various skin diseases, as well as offering cognitive and bodily support for a multitude of other ailments. Rosemary has been shown to contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, all of which aid in the support of acne, inflammation and skin irritations. And among other things, she works hard to help add stability to the oils she's formulated with. A true support in every way.


Size 0.5 oz / 15 ml

SKIN FANCY Calming Spell Spot Treatment

  • Ingredients

    fragaria ananassa (strawberry) seed oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed oil, essential oils of lavandula angustifolia (lavender) and thymus vulgaris (thyme), salix alba (white willow) bark extract, mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape) root extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract

    Made by hand in fresh, small batches in the Columbia River Gorge

    100% USA sourced ingredients 

    Free of any and all synthetic ingredients. Patch test recommended

    Please store in a cool, dark and dry cabinet 

    Amber glass bottle

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