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Instant hydrator & cell repairer for thirsty skin


Caress every inch of your skin with healing droplets. Insulate your cells with steady protection. Beyond instant hydration, this highly addictive toner-serum hybrid supports skin with healing damaged cells, balancing skin pH and strengthens the skin barrier to enhance your skin’s natural protective mechanism. Yen has balanced moisturizing fatty acids that create a thin, invisible, protective film over the skin to plump and safeguard against moisture loss and environmental debris.


Yen consists of complex plant synergies, a result of ancient plant medicine that effectively awaken circulation. A flush of heat or tingling sensation may be experienced followed by a luscious glow in the skin. Well loved as a standalone moisturizer on the hot summer days for oily skin or as first step healer for chronic dryness.


Scent Experience: An elated, majestic, flowing essence with beautiful intersects of a refreshing cucumber garden, spicy ginger and faint floral notes.


Size 50 ml and 100ml

SIAM SEAS Yen Heal & Hydrate Essence Toner

  • Shake and pump 2-3 pumps of Yen Heal & Hydrate into the palm of your hand. Activate the formula by rubbing the palms together and cup over your nose to stimulate your senses. Gently press the toner into face and neck using an outward and upward, lifting motion. This technique will stimulate circulation, bringing oxygen to the surface to ensure maximum absorption of the steps to follow.

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