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Smoothing and Brightening Vitamin C Treatment


Sai Clear Skin Serum receives its name from the visible result it provides. Powerful synergies of vitamin C and peptides combined with plant medicines and ceramide, Sai made a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity that will bring ultimate support for textural improvement, defuse a brewing breakout, brighten and fasten the healing time of trauma.


Sai is a powerful source of vitamin C, great for brightening and tightening, recommended for all skin types.


Scent Experience: A unique combination of Cypress, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla creates a zen-like sensory that will transport you to a sacred space — a temple in Thailand filled with incense, where you can find your inner peace.


Size 20ml

SIAM SEAS Sai Clear Skin Serum

  • To increase hydration: Apply Sai right after Yen Heal and Hydrate essence toner or any of your favorite toners. Follow with a beauty balm or cream and finish with the Reservoir prebiotic beauty mist. For winter: Add an extra layer of twilight becalm serum before the balm/cream.

    To treat inflammation:  brewing acne such as cystic acne, mix one pump of Sai with the twilight becalm serum together in a palm and apply it together follow with the Reservoir prebiotic beauty mist.

    To add a heathy glow on the skin:  Mix Sai with a little bit of Seas Element Beauty Balm in the palm of your hand, apply right after Yen Heal & Hydrate toner essence

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