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Peptides active cream for firmer and brighter skin.


The light, diverse and multi-skilled Bua cream defends by day, and preserves and brightens by night. The puff-reducing formula includes: black tea and green tea water and is drenched in antioxidants that boost your skin’s protection against rhatany and CO2 sun damage. Thanaka extract and active caffeine liposome help heal wounds.


Ancient Beauty Knowledge: Phytochemical isolates from lakoocha bark and licorice plants work to brighten hyper pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase activity and melanin pigment reduction, brightening post-inflammatory dark spots and evening skin tone.


Modern Beauty Technology: Extracted callus stem cells of the lotus plant supports sebum production balance beneficial for oily skin. Peptides fuse synergistically with Pueraria mirifica, an indigenous plant extract from Southeast Asia, which interacts with the protein structure in-between skin layers: firming skin texture, softening fine lines and increasing elasticity.


SCENT EXPERIENCE : Like a blooming lotus, the scent starts off with a soft earthy aroma that swiftly matures into a fresh blend of florals such as Geranium Rose and Neroli with the savory sweetness of vanilla and Ylang Ylang.


Size 30 ml/1 oz

SIAM SEAS Bua Sacred Protection Face Cream

  • Ways to play with Bua Sacred Protection Face Cream:

    Bua is a dense active cream, and a very light moisturizer. Apply just 1-2 pumps on face, neck and décolleté area.

    For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

    This is an active cream, apply it before a moisturizer, then follow with a mist and a light serum. Massage well.

    For Drier, Dehydrated and Sensitive Skin

    Apply before a moisturizer and follow with a mist, serum and facial balm, Massage well.

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