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(Sassafras albidum)


purify, cleanse & tone skin | uplift the spirit


Gentle enough for all skin types. Extra helpful for acne

prone, disturbed skins


Scent: sweet, spice, rootbeer


Physically: naturally antimicrobial, Sassafras assists in clearing skin of boils, sores and rashes.  She also increases flow through lymph and urinary systems, supports the liver. (We love using her as a dental wash too - if you ever come by sassafras root, give her a good chew to cleanse the teeth and gums while loving your liver).


Mind / Heart / Soul: uplifts the spirit, bringer of light, breaks us through dark brooding thoughts and mental fog, brings happiness and joy, melts psychic armor that has outlived usefulness.


Size 50 ml / 1.7 oz.


The magical Robin Rose Bennett writes that she finds...


“...sassafras is very helpful for making it through the first, sometimes dreary stages of spring in at the Northeast. It’s still cold, and wet and people want it to be warmer and more comfortable. Sassafras gets your blood and lymph stirring, waking up, ready for more warmth and activity to come." 

pAra BOTANICA Sassafras Hydrosol

  • Mist her over face and neck after cleansing and just before massaging in oil and serum.  Also helpful for easing nail biting tense situations.

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