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For hands and body


MIEL might be the most deliciously scented product to come out of our studio. Of course we can’t pick our favorite child, so, let us just say:


MIEL is a scent experience you want in your life.


After gifting MIEL over the holiday season we received months of emails requesting that we bring this soap into our offering permanently. As our own stash dwindled, we realized we felt the same. MIEL had to be made available!


This moisturizing bar has the same milky lather and luscious bubbles as our staple bar, KAPHAR. It has the same strong, architectural presentation, and is made with skin-softening oils and cleansing clays (the color comes from our very own in-house mix of red and green clay). The scent is sweet, spicy, warm, inviting. It’s the comfort of something baking in the kitchen. It is both masculine and feminine…it is perfectly balanced and divine.


The shape reminds us of the famous Savon de Marseille soaps, in a smaller size (5+ ounces) that can be held in the hand.

We hope you fall in love with every element of MIEL, from its color and shape, to the way it feels as you use it in your rituals; how wonderfully long it lasts, its scent, and of course the meaning of its name.


We wish you a luxurious cleansing experience that revitalizes both body and mind.


MIEL - ’honey’ in French, is named for its sweet/spicy/warm scent; one that reminds us of delicious treats from a bakery. It is also named for its color that matches the huge jars of raw honey we get from our local farmer.


5 oz +


  • Ingredients

    Saponified Oils of: Olive*, Coconut*, Babassu*, Castor*, French Green Clay, Red Clay, Mixed Tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E)
    Essential Oils of: Peru Balsam*, Bergamot^, Cardamom*, Patchouli*

    *Certified Organic
    ^Organically Grown

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