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Ethically harvested and handmade in our copper still, California Redwood Hydrosol features earthy, crisp aromatics. This hydrosol is skin-strengthening and tonifying. In folk medicine, redwood is known for its natural antifungal properties and robust immune system, aiding your skin's natural defenses.


Great for all skin, especially inflamed or acne-prone skin types.

New redwood growth, bark, and ariel part of the leaves round out our distillation of this majestic redwood tree. Northern California is known for its ancient forests with trees the size of skyscrapers and soft pillowy forest floors. This distillation was harvested and distilled to bring peace and comfort to your olfactory senses while aiding skin resilience.


The story of this hydrosol (From Justin, Botnia founder)

Our redwood hydrosol story is a love story about the beautiful land in California. Redwoods themselves embody resilience. As the tallest trees on earth, coastal redwoods have endured immense hardship over thousands of years - from forest fires to deforestation - yet still they stand, steadfast and strong. By interlocking roots, they form close-knit communities that share resources and shelter surrounding trees. Their primordial aroma transports you to a tranquil world as you step on their soft fallen needles. Lemony bright, crisp, and floral pine all at the same time. Science shows their scent may lower blood pressure and increase oxygen uptake, giving you a sensation of peace. I’ve personally found this to be true of my experience with this powerful tonic.

This spring we harvested redwood tips from two beloved forests. My husband, daughter, and I hiked coastal misty groves, finding orchids and baby redwoods sprouting from the earth. Our daughter sang, dancing between massive tree trunks, as I gathered redwood tips. A week later, Botnia’s manufacturing lead Aviva and farmer/designer Emily harvested from another forest's sentinels, the grove still healing from 2020’s fires. Though none of us are native Californians, in these forests we all found home.

Emily distilled the harvests, and inspired by their resilience she created the artwork for our packaging. Each bottle highlights its forest home so you can glimpse your redwood family's place of origin, whether Salt Point (SP) or Roy's Redwoods (RR). Redwood’s crisp, bright aroma evokes strolling sun-speckled groves. Suitable for most skin, especially oily or acne-prone, its cooling mist calms and refreshes. Used in hot months, it transports us to fog-bathed forests. Our hope is this redwood hydrosol brings you the tree’s strength and comfort - and nature's resilience.

With love,



Size 3.4 FL OZ. (100 ML)

BOTNIA California Redwood Hydrosol

  • Apply morning and evening to freshly cleansed skin before moisturizing. All Botnia products are made with organic ingredients and are meant to be used fresh.

    Spray directly onto the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing, morning and night