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Kwam Rak is a gorgeous hybrid body serum that instantly hydrates like body lotion and deeply moisturizes like body oil. The light, creamy textured serum is fast-absorbing, thicker than oil yet, lighter than lotion. Kwam Rak provides a weightless moisture blanket on the skin, leaving behind a delicate layer of oil to support and protect your skin barrier and moisture within, leaving skin illuminated.


Mustard seed oil stimulates circulation creating a glorious glow on the skin. A synergistic combination of antioxidant rich plants such as Green Tea, Pomegranate, Terminalia Chebula help cool skin and fight damage from the sun while Ceremides vigorously repairs and protects your skin barrier to retain hydration better and fight against cell damaging aggressors.


The grounding scent of nutmeg and faint mustard seed bestow comforting energy before the scent transforms into a blooming floral essence of jasmine sambac and frangipani.


Kwam Rak is an intensive body treatment for dehydrated, flaky skin and impaired skin barriers.


Size 100 ml

SIAM SEAS Kwam Rak Radiance of Love Body Serum

  • Ingredients

    Aloe Vera Juice* (hydrates and rejuvenates skin cells), Mustard Seed Oil* (stimulates circulation, increases glow), Safflower Oil* (reduces redness, softens and hydrates flaky skin), Aloe Vera Inner Fillet Gel* (instantly hydrates), Ceramide Complex [Ceramide NP (helps improve skin barrier function and increase water retention in the cell for plumper skin), Ceramide AP (keeps skin barrier intact, prevent penetration of pollutants on the skin), Ceramide EOP (improves skin cells hydration)], Pomegranate Extract* (repairs and protects skin barrier), Sodium Levulinate and Sodium Anisate*** (antimicrobial that regulates skin’s pH), Polyglyceryl-2 Sesquioleate**** (100% natural emulsifier, protects skin barrier), Pink Lotus Extract* (tightens and smooths), Turmeric Extract* (healing anti-inflammatory), Noni Extract* (softens texture and provides glow), Chebula Extract* (botanical vitamin C, proven to boost collagen, brighten and reduce fine lines), Green Tea Extract* (promotes graceful aging), Gingko Extract* (combats UV radiation and premature aging), Ginger Extract* (heals and stimulates circulation), Ashwangandha Extract* (relieves swelling and inflammation), Rosehip Extract* (promotes wound healing and improves scarring), Glycerin (hydrates, heals and plumps), Sodium PCA (maintains hydration and further delivers actives), Frangipani Absolute* (preserves youth and hydrates), Inulin (a prebiotic, helps improve skin barrier), Aspen Bark Extract (controls acne and minimizes pores), Long Pepper Extract* (wound healing anti-inflammatory), Xanthan Gum (emulsifier that smooths the skin), Lecithin (thickening agent, creates a luxurious texture in the formula), Sclerotium gum (a gelling agent that also works as a water binding agent for the skin), Pullulan (a complex sugar, helps bind water to the skin), Arabian Jasmine Absolute (promotes healthy, smooth skin), Nutmeg Oil* (brightens dull skin and heals acne), Hyaluronic Acid (hydrates and draws moisture to skin), Potassium Sorbate (extends product freshness by protecting the formula).  

    * Organic

    ** Sustainably wildcrafted

    *** Preservatives from natural organic acid

    **** Skin-conditioning emulsifier

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