Yarrow Warrior Box:


This Box is designed to assist in protection, vitality, boundaries. Yarrow is a deeply nourishing and restorative plant that can be used for soothing sore muscles, healing bruises, reducing inflammation, and cleansing the skin. Magically, yarrow is used for courage, protection, and love. It can be in your first aid kit, your kitchen, and part of your beauty regimen.​


Yarrow has deep roots in mythology. It is both ancient and modern, grounded and divine. It is transmutable. Yarrow has a wide breath of healing physical properties that often mirror it's more ethereal and spiritual qualities. It has been known throughout history as a treatment for wounds.


It can alleviate melancholy and create movement when things feel stuck. It grounds without holding down. It is a natural ally. Yarrow is a guardian, a heart protector, and a teacher. It is an excellent healer for healers. It propels us towards lightness, roots us in the earth, and fortifies our spirits.​​


In the Box:


Uncommon Yarrow: Organic Yarrow Hydrosol distilled fresh in Northern Washington from Achillea millefolium

Primrose Apothecary: Yarrow Essence to give protection to those effected by environmental stess by reinforcing the auric field and strengthening boundaries. It restores vitality and gives comfort and ease in any surroundings.

Octotillo Botanica: Warrior Salve with Olive Oil infused with yarrow leaves and flowers. Just like the warriors of ancient Roman days, carry this herbal ally on you at all times for speedy wound repair of any cuts, scrapes, burns and bites. This salve is safe for your kiddos and pets too! (two sizes, 1oz and 2oz)

Yarrow Warrior Box: Protection, Strength, and Boundaries

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