Wellness Box - Grounding, Clearing, and Balancing


This wellness box features body balms designed to soothe nerves and relax the body, organic hydrosols, locally made flower essences, a special tincture blend, and daytime and evening loose teas. I also included a 2oz size of Botnia's neroli and lemongrass Luminous Body Scrub and a 2oz size of their body cream boosted with their ultra-calm blend of botanicals.


This box was put together with love and profound consideration. It features 3 amazing companies run by women. The teas and tincture blends were made especially for this box.


From Ocotillo Botanica:

  • St. John's Wort Nerve Balm featuring the herbs St. John's Wort, lemon balm and calendula (1oz)
  • Lavender and Peppermint Tension Salve for soothing tension, headaches, and congestion (1oz)
  • Daytime Tisane Tea with sencha green tea, rose buds, cardamom pods, hawthorn leaf and flower (0.5oz)
  • Nighttime Tisane Tea with chamomile, valerian root, lavender flowers, mugwort leaf, catnip leaf (0.5oz)
  • Balance Tincture with Tulsi, Ocotillo Bark, Mullein Leaf, Grape and Potato Spirits (0.5oz)
  • Juniper Bundle for burning. Wildcrafted in the desert of West Texas. Helps with purity, protection, healing and hex breaking.


From Primrose Organics:

  • Eucaplyptus Chest Rub with herb infused organic olive oil, beeswax, wintergreen peppermint, laurel leaf, black pepper, and cedarwood. Helps relieve minor congestion and inflammation due to cold, flu and allergies.
  • Rowan Essence for protection, wisdom, and grounding. Rowan helps us feel safe and at home in our bodies. It grounds us while we visit higher levels of consciousness. Rowan protects us from phsychic attack and enchantment. (0.5oz)
  • California Poppy Essence brings us overflowing vitality and potential, igniting passion and increasing confidence with its fiery, glowing energy. It calms anxiety and increases connection within the self, encouraging deeper awareness of one's own spiritual path and inner guidance. (0.5oz)


Uncommon Yarrow:

  • Organic Calendula Hydrosol distilled fresh in Northern Washington in copper stills from Calendula officinalis (2oz)
  • Organic Lavender Hydrosol distilled fresh in Northern Washington in copper stills from Lavendula angustifolia (2oz)



  • Luminous Body Scrub with atlantic sea salt, olea europeana (olive) oil, Dendric Salt, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Garcinia indica (kokum) butter, emulsyfying wax, vitamin E (Tocopherol), Essential Oil Blend. Gently exfoliates your body with fine grain dead sea salt, hydrating oils, and soothing Goldenseal. (2oz)
  • Custom Body Cream with the Ultra-Calm Booster (2oz)


This Wellness Box also comes with a few gifts! A custom botanical facial mask (1oz) featuring chamomile, colloidal oats, and touch of rosehips. Botnia's herb infused Jojoba Oil (0.5oz) and a Selenite stick. Selenite assists in helping gain clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings. Selenite is a soft but very powerful mineral. It is capable of removing stagnant energy, and clearing the home and body of negative energies.



Wellness Box: Grounding, Clearing, and Balancing

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  • The products I source for Uncommon Yarrow are made with an incredible amount of care and dedication. They are not made on a large scale, but handmade in tiny batches with intentional, fresh, carefully sourced (and costly) ingredients. Unfortunately that means I am unable to accept returns or exchanges on any products

    If you have an issue with your order (e.g. something is damaged, broke during shipping, something looks like it may have gone bad) email me a photo and I'll do my best to make it right. I am unable to offer refunds due to product reactions. If you have any questions or concerns please email me ahead of time.

    Thank you for your support and understanding.

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