Sea Change Cleansing Balm from Heart of Gold: A skin-softening cleansing balm that easily melts away makeup & sunscreen, then converts to a clean-rinsing milk. Lush hydration courtesy of moringa & meadowfoam seed oils. Sal & shea butters help re-establish skin's barrier function. Fennel seed, grapefruit & chamomile oils balance sebum, calm inflammation, and liberate lymphatic stagnation & puffiness. A wonderful nightly deep cleanse that targets dry, dehydrated, puffy, aging & delicate skin. Sea Change is a multitasker- we love using it as a facial massage medium or a deep moisture mask. 50ml miron glass jar


Caledula Hydrosol from Uncommon Yarrow: Organic calendula hydrosol is a soothing, mildly sweet and floral mist. It is fresh distilled on a farm in Northern Washington in copper stills. This hydrosol is a perfect skin toner and may be used alone or included in any body care formulation in place of water. Calendula has immense rejuvenating properties and helps with inflammation, redness, and skin congestion. It is a bright and sunny herb that uplifts, lightens the mood, and balances. Use organic calendula hydrosol directly on your skin after a shower, or store a bottle in your refrigerator for a cooling spritz after a day spent outside. Is wonderful for layering with Oil Serums to hydrate skin and strengthen the acid mantle. (4oz)

Flower Powder Mask from Botnia: This powdered flower-based mask is packed with powerful plant compounds and minerals to restore your skin. Soothing colloidal oatmeal proteins bind moisture to the skin, chamomile calms and reduces redness with anti-inflammatory properties, and rosehip powder brightens. This trio of powders treats uneven skin tone and texture.


Also includes a unique and handmade masking bowl from Cooper Jeppesen Ceramics in Oregon and a masking brush from evanhealy, perfect for applying your mask evenly (made with boar bristles).


Masking Box: Hydrating and Relaxing

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