Cleansing Thyme Oil Serum by Skin Fancy: This is a non comedogenic cleansing oil and it also doubles as a vitamin rich serum, with organic botanical infusions in farm direct cold pressed oils. High in linoleic acid, this blend aids in controlling unwelcome acne flare ups, deeply cleaning pores and effortlessly removing makeup without disrupting the skin's natural pH. Balancing, cleansing, firming and toning, this cleanser works for all skin types.


Yarrow Hydrosol by Uncommon Yarrow: Organic yarrow hydrosol is an anti-inflammatory, healing, and clearing floral mist. It is made with the white flowers and green leaves of the achillea millefolium on a farm in Northern Washington and distilled fresh in copper stills. This hydrosol is a perfect skin toner and may be used alone or included in any body care formulation in place of water. Yarrow is incredibly regenerative, helps with skin congestion, inflammation and swelling. It has a deep earthly scent. Use organic yarrow hydrosol directly on your skin after a shower, or store a bottle in your refrigerator for a cooling spritz after a day spent outside. It is wonderful to use in mixing masks and/or layered with Oil Serums to hydrate skin and strengthen the acid mantle. (2oz)


Green Tea Clay by evanhealy: The union of antioxidant-rich organic matcha green tea and activating, purifying green montmorillonite clay. This clay mask gently purifies and exfoliates, revealing skin that appears clear, polished and radiant. It is evanhealy's first choice for those with purification and detoxification in mind.


Clay, a naturally occuring mineral, is a skin friendly eco-alternative to lactic, salicylic or glycolic acids. Used for thousands of years it is a living, dynamic substance appropriate for all skin conditions. Clay draws impurities from pores without dissolving the protective epidermal layer of the skin. Reliance on harsh acid treatments can contribute to thinning of the skin, patches of red irritated flakiness, and broken capillaries. (1 oz)


Also includes a unique and handmade masking bowl from Cooper Jeppesen Ceramics in Oregon and a masking brush from evanhealy, perfect for applying your mask evenly (made with boar bristles).

Masking Box: Clearing and Refining

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