Bottle Magic Antioxidant Serum with CBD by Skin Fancy: 

Inspired by local farms, gardens and the desire to create a product  completely grown and  sourced in the Pacific Northwest, this cannabidiol infused serum is pure luxury for the skin. Each farm fresh antioxidant rich unrefined oil is cold pressed and slowly infused with soothing botanicals harvested directly from organic gardens within Oregon. Nourishing without feeling heavy, this quickly absorbing noncomedogenic blend is ripe with natural vitamin C, A, omegas and tocopherols to help calm inflammation, balance, smooth and brighten skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, oily and acne prone skin will find this plant magic potion exceptionally beneficial.  Contains 65 mg of CBD per 1oz bottle, lab tested.


Oxford Comma Anitoxidant Serum by Heart of Gold: What are antioxidants? Basically antioxidants combat inflammation, which gives your skin the breathing room it needs in order to focus on healing & repairing itself effectively. Oxford Comma is a ruby-hued, multilayered powerhouse of energizing & healing magic. Ally, founder and creator of Heart of Gold, called on several bioactive plant-ioxidants including aronia berries (anthocyanins & vitamin c), haematococcus pluvialis algae (astaxanthin), schisandra berries (schisandrins), grape seed (OPCs & AHAs), japanese knotweed (resveratrol), and hibiscus (flower acids & anthocyanins). Scented with a hint of rose geranium and a tendril of smoky mescal. 30ml miron glass dropper bottle


Rosehip Hydrosol by Uncommon Yarrow: Organic rosehip hydrosol is an astringent, anti-inflammatory, mildly sweet and floral mist. It is fresh distilled on a farm in Northern Washington in copper stills. This hydrosol is a perfect skin toner and may be used alone or included in any body care formulation in place of water. Rosehips are high in vitamin C, brightening, cleansing and aid in helping with skin congestion. They are only harvested and distilled once a year in the late fall. Use organic rosehip hydrosol directly on your skin after a shower, or store a bottle in your refrigerator for a cooling spritz after a day spent outside. Is wonderful for layering with Oil Serums to hydrate skin and strengthen the acid mantle. (2oz)


Weekly Digest Mask by Botnia: Botnia's powdered fruit-based enzyme mask features powerful plant compounds and minerals to exfoliate your skin. Soothing colloidal oatmeal proteins bind moisture to the skin, while pumpkin and pomegranate powders exfoliate and brighten. This trio of powders treats uneven skin tone and texture. (2oz)


Also includes a unique and handmade masking bowl from Cooper Jeppesen Ceramics in Oregon and a masking brush from evanhealy, perfect for applying your mask evenly (made with boar bristles).


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Masking Box: Brightening Antioxidant

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