Purpose- superfood tropical skin smoothie


A tipsy trip through an island dreamscape. This powder-to-gel mask is an oasis of tropical fruits and volcanic ash. Banana and tapioca boost skin hydration and calm irritation. Passionfruit ups the glow factor by promoting blood flow & delivering powerful antioxidants. Pineapple enzymes & hibiscus flower acids provide gentle exfoliation. Nutmeg is a classic skin brightener with clarifying superpowers. Locally-sourced volcanic ash oxygenates & calms irritated skin. Infinitely mix-able, Surrealist blends well with honey, coconut milk, hydrosol, tea, or (our favorite) plain water. 



surrealist is a wonderful biweekly enzyme exfoliating mask. mix half teaspoon surrealist with a full teaspoon of water, honey, yogurt, coconut milk, or matcha tea. remove with a warm compress after 10 minutes. mist with hydrolat or toner if it starts to dry out.



Keys- calm, clarify, oxygenate, hydrate


100 ml

HEART OF GOLD Surrealist Nutrient Infusion Mask

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  • Bentonite (volcanic ash), musa sapientum (banana), manihot esculenta (tapioca), passiflora edulis (passionfruit), ananas sativus (pineapple), hibiscus sabdariffa, myristica fragrans (nutmeg).

    italic denotes organic ingredient