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Youth-preserving serum in a mist


The Story


This product is the outcome of Ava's obsession with ancient precious resins, as there are four of them included here (myrrh, frankincense serrata, frankincense sacra, and copaiba). Myrrh and frankincense are energetically similar: they are both deep-penetrating and dry. Now, dry may not sound like a good thing in a skincare product, but herbal substances that are dry do indeed offer skin benefits: they reduce oiliness and speed drying up of acne breakouts, but they often act in a magically intelligent way, so normal or dry skin does not become drier or stripped off. And keep in mind that these resins offer many other skincare benefits beyond the drying action, which are described further under Benefits below.


Many of Earthwise's products are anchored in a specific geographic area. This is not because the area sounds exotic, but rather because gathering several ingredients from the same region together in one product produces a powerful energetic message. Many of the ingredients in Swing are from the hot, dry terroir of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Oman. The turmeric hydrosol that serves as the foundation of this formula enhances its aromatic warmth and spice, leaving one with the feeling of being transported to a hot, dry African land with every use.


For all skin types, especially oily, oily with acne, and oily and mature. This product is highly recommended for very hot and humid climates.


Noncomedogenic and nonphotosensitizing.


Full size 50 ml (1.7 fl oz); travel/sample size 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)

EARTHWISE On a Swing Among the Trees Serum Mist

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